Wanna Take Collagen? WATCH THIS FIRST!

Dr. Christy concludes her 4-part series on collagen peptides. She provides a summary of her series as well as data on collagen and heart health.
Missed the other videos? See below!
Video #1 – Do Collagen Peptides Improve Your Skin? https://youtu.be/x5h6l_479Hc
Video #2 – Do Collagen Peptides Help with Joint Pain? https://youtu.be/BnwXpEm7xXg
Video #3 – Do Collagen Peptides Build Muscle Mass and Prevent Bone Loss? https://youtu.be/vQ8wcCJcuuk
Video #4 – Do Collagen Peptides Help with Heart Health?

Collagen and atherosclerosis study from Japan:

6 claims of collagen:


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