squid game behind the scene

I wanted to dedicate an entire post to the Front Man. To me, he is the most mysterious person in the show, and his Super Rad mask definitely adds to his enigma. So let’s take a deep dive into who the Front man is.

Oh, by the way, spoiler’s alert. Obviously, the front man operates and oversees all matters at the facility. He carries out the orders of the host, makes sure all the games run smoothly, and ensures that the VIPs have a good time while watching the Games, which truly looks like the most uncomfortable job to fulfill on the island. All of the records of the previous Squid Game participants appeared to be from South Korea. The only reason I say this is because during season one episode seven, VIPs, the third VIP makes a quick comment, claiming that the contest in Korea was the best, most likely implying that the contest in South Korea is one of many happening all around the world, possibly making number one’s company an international business.

These other competitions would be owned by number one, but each country’s games would be independently run by their own frontman, so the frontman may not be the only frontman in their world.

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