My $1.00 Per serving Secret Weapon! Collagen Peptides by the Brand PHINATURALS Reviewed Deanna Olson

Hey everyone! Thank you for viewing. Today I wanted to disclose one of my secret weapons. After starting a new regiment taking one then two drinks a day mixed with collagen peptides, my friends family and viewers have seen a difference in my skin electricity when I’m not wearing makeup, they see I have more energy PLUS my joints don’t ache (like they did prior this) in the morning or after activity. Another comment from friends, lastly my hair has been growing like a weed! Combined with my healthy lifestyle and eating better and exercising more, I have added my collagen peptides. I chose the unflavored grass fed in pasture raised collagen peptides. I love that it claims to support natural anti-aging! Benefits also include hair growth (my hair is now soooo long after taking this twice a day) supports skin and joints.

About how to take collagen peptides.
I chose the unflavored version. Collagen peptides are powder like. For me, it was very easy to mix and really digested easily! Being easily digested was a key point for me. Non-allergic and made with kosher-approved collagen from grass fed and pasture raised.

My serving size is 1 scoop, which is enclosed in the container. If you’d prefer to use your own scoop and measurement, that enclosed scoop equates to:

((There are 45 servings per 1lb container – cost effective that’s about $1.00 per serving!))
36 calories per 10 gram serving size
9 grams of protein

0% total fat
0% cholesterol
0 grams of sugar

Call the manufacturer directly for specific questions at 888-507-8958
(Local Tierra Verde, Florida USA company)


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