Be Younger Than Your Age! Collagen Powder Benefits | Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Welcome to this fun informational video on collagen powder benefits! I talk about the main health benefits to taking collagen powder every day, including how it prevents the aging process and reduces wrinkles! My favorite collagen powder is from the company Vital Proteins. Their collagen powder is. absolutely tasteless and mixes very well in literally everything! I mix is into my cup of coffee every morning, and it does not change the taste of my coffee, in fact, I think it makes my coffee more creamy 🙂 I’ve been drinking my collagen coffee every single morning for a couple of years now, and it is LIFE CHANGING! My skin is soft, my nails are strong, my hair is full, and my joints are agile…thanks to collagen powder!

I also include a few different recipes you can try using collagen powder. I get my big tub of Vital Proteins collagen peptides from Costco because they have the best price hands down!

So enjoy this video of all the health benefits of collagen powder!

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