8 Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects of Collagen Peptides

In this video I’m going to show you the Benefits, uses, and side effects of Collagen peptides:

It feels like every day there’s a new supplement that makes it big in the health and wellness sphere, and everyone from the woman at the bus stop to professional medical scientists are telling us that we have to take it now. Collagen peptides are no different: they seemed to appear out of nowhere, and all of a sudden, the whole world is obsessed.

If you’re wondering what on earth collagen peptides are, here’s what you need to know: they’re a form of collagen, which is essentially the glue that holds the important parts of your body together. Collagen peptide supplements usually come in powder form, to be dissolved in water and taken on a daily basis. They’re high in protein and low in calories, making them appealing for people looking to make a positive addition to their diet without leading to weight gain.

You might have noticed that collagen has become a main ingredient for a number of skin, hair and nailcare products, because they’re supposed to be especially good for all three. Collagen peptides tend to be a more effective alternative to topical creams and lotions as when you include them in your diet, you’re letting their full beneficial effects take place from the inside out.

Collagen peptides are no different to any other supplements in that they have their fair share of benefits, as well as a number of side effects. If you’re considering taking collagen peptides yourself, the wisest thing to do is to learn all about what they are, how they may help you, and any side effects to look out for. Luckily, this video will cover exactly that. Keep on listening to discover everything you need to know about collagen peptides:

Lets first take a look at the Benefits of Collagen Peptides

There are a number of different reasons why people might choose to take collagen peptides, but ultimately, you can expect to experience a range of different benefits from supplementing with them. Here are the most common benefits that collagen peptides offer:

1. Offers essential post workout nutrition

When you finish off a workout, your muscles will go through a process of repair and generation. The foods that you eat following a workout are essential for helping to speed up the repair process and get you back on track as soon as possible. Collagen peptides offer the best post workout nutrition, by providing you with an essential protein fix for helping your muscles to heal and preventing the loss of lean mass.

2. Repairs a leaky gut

A leaky gut is more common than you might think, and can result in toxins, food particles, and infections being able to pass through your intestinal wall and into your bloodstream, causing inflammation. It can eventually lead to an autoimmune disease, and taking collagen peptides is one of the simplest ways to heal your leaky gut before complications can arise. Collagen is really clever – it contains amino acids which can assist in healthy cellular and tissue growth, effectively sealing your gut and preventing leakage.

3. Helps you to maintain a healthy weight

If you’re struggling to maintain a healthy weight, collagen might be the answer you’ve been looking for. An ingredient found in collagen called glycine forms muscle by converting glucose into energy. This will help you to convert fat into lean muscle tissue, which helps you to burn more calories faster and boost your metabolism. If you’re supplementing with collagen on a daily basis, you should find that you’re burning more fat, more regularly – even during rest. Because collagen is a great source of protein, it’ll also keep you satisfied for longer, stopping you from reaching for empty calorie snacks.

4. Improves skin, hair and nails

Onto the reason why most people prefer to take collagen: its ability to improve the appearance of hair, skin and nails. The ageing process naturally results in looser and less elastic skin, as well as wrinkles in areas that were previously smooth. Other common signs of ageing are a decrease in nail health, which may lead to brittleness, peeling, breakage, and a decline in hair health, which can lead to thinning and split ends. Because your natural production of collagen decreases as you age, increasing your outside collagen intake can be exactly what you need to firm up and smoothen your skin. It can also improve moisture retention and shine in hair, and strengthen weakened nails.

5. Positively effects joints


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